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Metal Stairs in Apartment Buildings

Metal Stairs in Apartment Buildings Atlanta GA

Georgia Metal Stairs in Apartment Buildings

At LCG Welding, LLC we are committed to being the premier Georgia metal fabrication and welding contractor for apartment buildings with metal stairs. Our full service metal fabrication and welding facility specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of metal stairs, walkways, railings and associated components. In addition to our certified welders and skilled craftsmen, our team includes experienced estimators and skilled draftsmen,which puts us a step ahead of the competition.

Our staff gives us the resources and capability to offer turnkey metal stair project management. We have the advantage of being equipped and staffed to handle any size metal stair fabrication project from survey to completion of the project. With our experience in metal stair services, we can do it all from design and fabrication to installation and applying the final finish coating. In addition, you can depend on our experienced, professional crews to complete your project on time and under budget.

Exterior Metal Stairs for Apartment Buildings Atlanta GA

Atlanta Exterior Metal Stairs for Apartment Buildings

Exterior metal stairs in Atlanta apartment buildings are exposed to the elements year round and naturally deteriorate due to the corrosive effects of the weather. Heavy use by residents causes even more wear and tear. Over time, exterior metal stairs can suffer from rust and corrosion, fatigued or cracked welds, worn stair treads and deteriorated protective coatings.

A damaged or deteriorated exterior metal staircase is safety hazard and exposes apartment owners to liability for injuries suffered due to a loose or broken handrail or stair tread or other staircase damage. We offer repairs and maintenance for exterior and interior metal stairs that can help maintain the safety of your property and extend the useful life of your metal stairs.

Our metal stair experts can remove and treat corrosion, repair broken or fatigued welds, and replace worn metal components. We also provide refinishing services that will make your metal stairs look like new and help protect them from the elements. Comtact our Georgia Metal Stairs in Apartment Buildings Contractors at LCG Welding, LLC today to learn more about our metal stairs repair and maintenance services.