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Metal Stairs in Hotels

Georgia Metal Stairs in Hotels

LCG Welding, LLC provides top quality metal stair fabrication and maintenance services to Georgia hotels. We are a full service metal fabrication and welding contractor that specializes in metal stairs. We serve new hotel construction contractors by providing turnkey metal stair design, fabrication and installation expertise. In addition to experienced, certified welders and skilled metal craftsmen, our team includes skilled draftsmen who can design any type of metal stairs to meet your needs.

Our staff also includes project managers with the experience and skills to keep the project on track for completion on schedule and on budget. We have the staff, equipment, expertise and resources necessary to successfully manage your hotel metal stairs project from inception to completion.

Hotels That Need Custom Metal Staircases Atlanta GA

Atlanta Hotels That Need Custom Metal Staircases

In addition to serving Atlanta hotels that need custom metal staircases, we also provide metal staircase repairs, service and restoration. Metal staircases in hotels are often subject to wear and tear from heavy traffic. In addition, many metal staircases are installed in damp stairwells or in exterior locations where they are exposed to the elements.

Metal staircases can deteriorate due to corrosion, heavy use and metal fatigue. A deteriorated metal staircase can be dangerous and present a potential liability for Atlanta hotels. Our metal stairs experts have the skills necessary to repair and restore metal staircases and return them to top condition. We remove and treat corrosion, replace worn and damaged parts, and repair fatigued or cracked welds. We can also apply a protective finish of your choice including paint, powder coating, and high tech polymer finishes.

Our commitment to being the premier provider of metal stair services is reflected in our mission of providing every customer with top quality and professionalism on every project. Contact our Georgia Metal Stairs in Hotel Contractors today to find out how we can help you.