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Metal Stair Repairs

Atlanta Metal Stair Repairs

If you own or operate a commercial building, office building or facility with metal stairs that are in need of repair, you can depend on the Atlanta metal stairs specialists at LCG Welding, LLC for fast, expert metal stair services. LCG Welding, LLC is committed to being the regional industry leader in the design, fabrication, and repair of metal stairs.

A deteriorated metal staircase can be dangerous. Corrosion, cracked or broken welds, impact damage, wear and fatigue can lead to failures in the treads, handrails or supporting structure. Don't take chances with a metal staircase – there are many welders out there, but none with more metal stair repair experience than the experts at LCG Welding, LLC. We specialize in metal stairs and our certified welders and skilled metal craftsmen have over 100 years combined experience in welding and metal fabrication.

Steel Staircase Repairs Atlanta GA

Atlanta Steel Staircase Repairs

From our centrally located facility North of Atlanta Georgia, we offer a complete range of steel staircase repairs from corrosion removal to repairs of broken welds, replacement of worn, fatigued, cracked or broken metal stair treads, handrails and other components, to replacement of worn finishes with durable, cutting edge protective coatings.

A metal staircase is a big investment. Regular repairs and maintenance of your steel staircase can help maximize the useful life of your metal stairs. Deferring metal staircase repairs is an example of being "penny wise but pound foolish". Not only could someone be seriously injured on a poorly maintained metal staircase, but if the staircase is allowed to deteriorate too far, it may be beyond repair and a new metal staircase will be the only option left.

Exterior Metal Stair Repairs Dawsonville GA

Georgia Exterior Metal Stair Repairs

Our Georgia exterior metal stair repair experts at LCG Welding, LLC provide top quality metal stair repairs by experienced, professional certified welders and metal craftsmen with extensive metal stair repair experience. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality and professionalism on every job we handle. Contact our Atlanta Metal Stair Repairs Contractors today to help restore the beauty and function of your metal stairs.