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Metal Stair Restoration

Atlanta Metal Stair Restoration

If the metal stairs at your facility are starting to show signs of age, you can depend on the Atlanta metal stair restoration experts at LCG Welding, LLC for all your metal stair restoration needs. LCG Welding, LLC serves the entire Southeast, East Coast, Midwest, and Central United States with professional custom metal fabrication and welding services.

Metal stairs are often installed in harsh environments. Exterior metal stairs that are exposed to the elements naturally deteriorate over time, but interior metal stairs can suffer from deterioration as well. Even when installed indoors, metal stairs can be exposed to the harsh industrial and manufacturing environment or may be installed in damp, poorly ventilated stairwells. Many metal staircases are installed in high traffic areas and years of heavy use results in wear and metal fatigue.

Steel Stair Restoration Atlanta GA

Atlanta Steel Stair Restoration

The Atlanta steel stair restoration experts at LCG Welding, LLC have the experience and expertise to evaluate and repair all types of metal stairs. Metal stairs can suffer from a wide variety of deterioration including metal fatigue, wear, impact damage, corrosion, rust, failed welds, and worn protective finishes or coatings.

All types of metal staircase deterioration can compromise the safety of the metal stairs. Fortunately, in many cases the metal stairs can be repaired and provide many more years of service. From a localized repair to a full inspection and restoration project, you can depend on LCG Welding, LLC for top quality steel stair restoration work.

Metal Stair Restoration Dawsonville GA

Georgia Metal Stair Restoration

Our Georgia certified welders and skilled metal craftsmen have the experience needed to handle anything from a small metal stair repair to a full metal staircase restoration. We remove corrosion, inspect and replace hardware and metal components, repair broken welds, prepare the surface, and apply cutting edge protective coatings, primer, and/or paint as required. Contact our Atlanta Metal Stair Restoration Contractors to help restore you residential or commercial metal stairs back to its former glory.