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Custom Bollard Manufacturing Dawsonville GA

The Best In Custom Bollard Manufacturing

With increased terrorist activity over the past decade, steel pipe bollards have quickly become the industry standard, providing advanced security for buildings and entry points, surrounding lots and high-traffic areas. As the leader in custom bollard manufacturing, LCG Welding employs state of the art equipment to design solutions for optimal safety and security, combining impact-resistant steel bollards, wedge and cable barriers, and crash rated line posts.

While bollards can be used to define and divide a space, careful consideration of the architecture of your building or entry point may warrant a vehicle barrier, such as the Sentinel Wedge Barrier for maximum security. When installed, this steel wedge barrier requires a shallow mount installation. In regards to vehicle-related threats, the Sentinel Wedge Barrier has advanced features such as hydraulic raising and lowering, rapid deployment rate, and a K12 crash rating, providing a solid barrier to control vehicle and pedestrian access to your area.

As the best in custom bollard manufacturing, LCG Welding operates from its 10,000 square foot manufacturing plant, with 100 years of combined experience in design and fabrication to suit various industries and businesses. With an increased awareness of the potential of terrorist threats, the experts at LCG Welding develop reliable and cost-effective solutions to protect your area from impact.

Advanced Protection With Custom Bollards Dawsonville GA

Advanced Protection With Custom Bollards

Ideal for parking lots, sidewalks, or alongside roads, custom bollards provide a guide for vehicle and foot traffic. Yet, depending on the type of building, including the entry point and other sensitive access areas, steel bollards provide advanced protection. In an effort to protect against vehicle impacts and increase perimeter security, steel bollards can be used in the following:

  • Schools
  • Storefront Entrances (including windows)
  • Government Buildings
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Airports

As your unmatched source for custom bollards, LCG Welding specialists combine expertise and top quality materials to provide the most effective security solution for your space. For large areas with lengthy perimeters, we’ll use crash rated cable or post fencing, while working within your budget. As an industry leader, you can rely on LCG Welding, LLC for superior quality and professional design for your protection. Contact LCG Welding today to schedule a consultation about our custom bollards.